"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
~Anais Nin

My Story

My journey towards wellness began on a bicycle the year I turned 33. What started as a simple commitment to ride for a good cause soon grew into a love of fresh air, moving my body in a way that felt great, and being part of something really grand.

While riding longer distances and pushing my limits, I discovered the art of controlled breathing and energy conservation through spontaneous dynamic meditation, all the while figuring out how to nourish my body for strength and endurance. As the quality of my choices improved, life became truly magical. For me, the process felt easy, natural, and surprisingly spiritual.

During this seemingly effortless unfolding, and having been blessed with incredible guidance, I began experiencing intense connections that became stronger with each day of intention. Thus began the stirrings of this calling to share my passion for wellness with others.

Meanwhile, after nearly two decades at work in sales and advertising, my personal journey reached a crossroad, and with the support of loving family and friends, I left the corporate world to indulge my passion for a deeper level of wellness. What happened next was equivalent to jumping off a cliff and expecting to grow wings before hitting the ground... and that's a whole 'nuther story.

Fast forward to now. I facilitate Deep-Level Transformation thru a Body-Mind-Soul approach to nourishment. I teach you how to use food as a bridge to connect with your truest divine potential. That's how I help you get well and feel great. I'm also a certified Foot Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor who dabbles in Aromatherapy. I love creating and co-hosting wellness workshops, holistic events and cleansing retreats too.

I'm available by appointment for consultations, holistic health counseling, integrative nutrition coaching, foot reflexology, reiki sessions, and yoga lessons. We can meet by phone for consultations and coaching, or visit my office if you're in the Staten Island and NYC area.

My intention is to infuse our world with a little more peace, love, balance and harmony... naturally.

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching.

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Linda Principato
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Milestones and Stepping Stones

Because Life's a Journey, Not a Destination
1998 & 2001
  • Rode my bicycle 275 miles from Boston to NYC for AIDS Ride #4.
  • Did it again; rode 325 miles from Bear Mountain to Boston for AIDS Ride #7.
  • Hired my own holistic health counselor; signed up for raw food prep classes; added a sacred morning ritual to my routine; began a weekly yoga practice.
  • Enrolled at IIN for weekend classes in NYC; the program rocked my world.
  • Attended my first holistic retreat; came back and quit my "day job" after 17 years.
  • Graduated from IIN; received AADP certification; enrolled in Immersion program; began coaching for IIN.
  • Apprenticed with yoga guru/raw chef extraordinaire, Shanti Devi Michal; received a priceless experience.
  • Attuned to Reiki level 1 by my holistic health counselor, Kena Rohi Custage.
  • Launched a business; created wellness programs, holistic workshops, and a series of Joyful Vegan kitchen lessons.
  • Received a flurry of attention at Snug Harbor Cultural Center's Earth Day Expo while connecting with local community.
  • Appeared on local cable television show, Spiritual Exploration hosted by Christine Schiavone, talking about the energy of food and its profound influence on the way we experience the world around us.
  • My Spiritual Nutrition episode aired five times that summer! The entire one-hour interview can now be seen on YouTube: Food and Spirituality Part 1 and Part 2. Please be gentle with any criticism if you watch; I was really nervous and for a moment, I even forgot how to breath.
  • Attuned to Reiki level 2 by Kena Rohi Custage.
  • Successfully documented 90 hours of reflexology sessions; passed required exams; received ARCB certification.
2010, 2011, 2012:
  • Drowned in shadow work; lost night of the soul; two beloved pets passed away; met grief; let go, found my voice, shared gifts.
2012 & 2013:
  • Attuned to Reiki Master Level 3 by Blanca Beyar in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
  • A tumultuous time for trust, betrayal, heartbreak, loss, hope and forgiveness.
2014, 2015 & 2016:
  • Completed Food & Spirit Practitioner Program with Dr. Deanna Minich.
  • Completed Baptiste Institute's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training through 5BPY.
  • Immersed in deep level soul transformation and heart healing.
  • Spent my 52 birthday at The Eternal Flame Sanctuary in Kauai making food for my favorite coach's Intro to Tantra retreat.
  • Taught and attuned my first ten students to Reiki Level 1.
  • Got a super sweet new location! Visit me for Reflexology, Reiki and Raindrop Technique at Gateway Center for Massage Therapy in New Dorp on Fridays by appointment. 
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